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Profile----Tailor made services from east to west

Manufacturing candy product is our core business while providing package and novelties sourcing services has been increasingly demanded by our customers. To enable overseas businesses to make money we cut through the complexity to ensure you will be able to do business in China easily, economically and effectively.

Global Candy has been producing candy, gummy, pressed candy, jelly beans and lollipops for many years. We are an export-oriented company with offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou while well facilitated factories and warehouses are located in Dongguang We have total workshop area of 13,000 sq. meters with a high efficiency workforce of 1000 workers. 

We understand your frustration when organizing all finished products from different supplier in different locations in China, and that is precisely why we are here - bridging China to the rest of the world, opening up a communication channel that you can trust. Our knowledge of technology, management practice, capital and our access to all these novelty suppliers plus understanding both the candy industry and international trends places us in a privileged position.

Now we want to use our resources to serve you better by acting as one-stop service provider, taking care of every aspect from beginning to end. Global Candy understands that no two clients are the same. We work out what your business goals are before we organize the practicalities.

Every project we create is a powerful tool supporting your business. That's why we steadily achieve impressive results improving image and marketing effort of our clients. We suggest top-quality business project implementing at a good price. 100% satisfaction guarantee: this is not an advertising puff - this is the way we work.

With ever increasing knowledge and resources that can be used in either direction.We can offer all these services at competitive prices. You only pay for the service you need.

We know what works





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