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Profile----We do the work and you see the results

Global Candy has been producing candy, gummy, pressed candy, jelly beans and lollipops for many years. We are an export-oriented company with offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou while well facilitated factories and warehouses are located in Dongguang We have total workshop area of 13,000 sq. meters with a high efficiency workforce of 1000 workers.

Our portfolio showcases a wide variety of products we made and packed, but all of our efforts share one common attribute: we provide clients with quality and cost-effective products that stand out from the crowd in China.

CandyChina.com is an one-stop candy products and novelties package service provider, taking care of every aspect from beginning to end. We understands that no two clients are the same. We work out what your business goals are before we organize the practicalities. Find out about our part of products and services in other pages.

Traditionally, only the best works are placed in the portfolio. Plus, their authors are proud of them. Nevertheless, we don't do it on purpose: there are works among these examples, which might have been made better in our opinion. However, we often face a challenging situation in the fast developing market. In fact, there is no point in making fun of the customer with high budget works when he is testing new products development, and his order may be executed in an inexpensive way.

With our sharp management and great knowledge and experience in candy manufactory and novelties package, we assure to provide you with both our best quality and price.

We do the work and you see the results





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